“We do great design for every space”

The Design Group combines extraordinary talent and experiences to create spaces, that can be known as “cutting edge” or “timeless”.

Design has its own language to convey. Each project is innovative in its own. We encourage and welcome inputs from our clients regarding their likings and wishes. Through this comprehensive approach, we most frequently tend to produce a broader, richer and satisfying result. We design space from scratch to the foremost finished level. We successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, designing furniture, all product selections, budgeting, project coordination and all these always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills.

For over a decade the firm is consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and aesthetic needs.


The first stage of the Design Thinking process demands gaining an empathic understanding of the client through listening them to find out more about the area of concern through observing, engaging and empathizing with clients to understand their experiences and motivations. It allows you to set aside your own assumptions about the world in order to gain insight into users and their needs. This stage involves entering the realm of the users and, as far as possible, “becoming” them so as to begin work on custom-designing a solution.


“Ideation is the mode of the design process in which we concentrate on idea generation. Mentally it represents a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts and outcomes. Ideation provides both the fuel and also the source material for building prototypes and getting innovative solutions into the hands of end users.”  The main aim of the Ideation stage is to use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions. By expanding the solution space, the design team will be able to look beyond the usual methods of solving problems in order to find better, more elegant, and satisfying design solutions.


Every interior design project should be personalized for the user, beyond just catering to their aesthetic taste and preferences. In essence, the Design Thinking process is iterative, flexible and focused on collaboration between designers and users, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life, based on how real users think, feel and behave. In this stage we design every corner of space and each product to be used at that premises. Even during this phase, alterations and refinements are made in order to rule out problems and provide best design to its users.